Who are we?

The Short Term Rental Pros are a specialized team dedicated to managing your vacation rental. We got started managing our own properties and saw the extreme value of a dedicated team in a constantly changing short term rental market. For guests, we commit to quick communication, consistent cleanliness, and cater our amenities to provide a five star experience. For homeowners, we offer our dedicated resources to help maximize revenue with transparency and a hassle free commitment.

Day to day, our team brings a smile and a new experience to someone visiting the city. Time in and time out we give another homeowner the freedom to focus on things that matter. We believe in what we provide, and would be happy to host you as a guest or as a partner.

Why us?

Company partners Joel and Peter came into the short term rental market in 2016 as homeowners with their own listings. They got experience managing their own homes from the ground up. By this time Airbnb had been out for some time but so many people were still doing it wrong- treating it like a side hustle or just looking for a quick buck. They saw the potential in short term rentals, so they put all their focus on building systems and growing a portfolio. Within a few years 2 listings quickly grew into 27 and one partnership quickly turned into a small team.

The focus today is to grow a management company that prioritizes a guest experience, while focusing specifically on short term rentals.

The short term market is constantly changing. Every city is coming up with their own permit. New stadiums are driving demand for new lodging opportunities. There is a magnitude of data and platforms available, but not enough companies managing through it all. Our team is exclusively focused on short term rentals and passionately committed to doing it right. We eat, breathe, and live short term rentals so any questions please feel free to reach the STRental Pros.